A documentary film on: The History and Influence of Newspaper Comic Strips

Hand Drawn Life - The Film

There's a basis for claiming that newspaper comics were the first real form of American Pop Culture. The comic strips themselves played a major roll in creating the newspaper industry itself. They were much more than just humor. They were the pulse of American Culture and an invaluable part of newspapers for almost a 100 years. One cartoon character stands out as the epicenter of that history - The Yellow Kid. His influence is felt to this day on every comics page in the world. He was literally Hand Drawn Life. Nothing has mirrored American culture with the simple, succinct clarity like the newspaper comic strip. This is their story.

This will air in Southern California November 28, 2019 Thanksgiving Day on SoCal PBS station KCET at 700pm and again that night at 1230am. 

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